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Accent On Achievement Book 1

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This is the book used by Corning-Painted Post Area School District for all wind instruments and Mallet Percussion (not drums).

The Accent on Achievement method teaches your band all the fundamentals for a solid musical background. It is a best-selling band method that will excite and stimulate your students through full-color pages and the most complete collection of classics and world music in any band method. The comprehensive review cycle in Books 1 & 2 will ensure that students remember what they learn and progress quickly. Also included are rhythm and rest exercises, chorales, scale exercises, and 11 full band arrangements among the first two books. Book 3 includes progressive technical, rhythmic studies and chorales in all 12 major and minor keys. Also included are lip slur exercises for increasing brass instrument range and flexibility. Accent on Achievement meets and exceeds the USA National Standards for music education, grades five through eight. Books 1 & 2 are available in SmartMusic®.

While the books are designed for learning in a band class, each of the books contains material specifically geared towards each individual instrument. Every few pages, you'll find the phrase "Accent on Clarinet," or "Accent on Flute," etc. These are specialized technical exercises designed to address the specific technical problems for each instrument. With the exception of the percussion book, no new notes, rhythms, or concepts are introduced in these exercises so that materials previously learned can be effectively reinforced. For additional drills, pages 42-43 of student Books 1 and 2 contain expanded technical exercises including alternate fingerings and slide positions. Each book also contains a solo with piano accompaniment suitable for performance at concerts, recitals or festivals.

The Oboe and French Horn books contain extra optional lessons which are arranged in a more comfortable range of the instrument. These lessons can be used outside of regular band rehearsal to help students to play with more confidence.