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Soprano Recorder

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About this item

  • DURABLE MATERIAL - Made of high-quality PP material, plastic soprano descant recorder is strong and durable, the whole body is polished and smooth, with a smooth and shiny finish and no special odor, it is clean for your hands and mouth to directly contact with.
  • A THOUGHTFUL COMBO SET - You'll receive 24 pieces of 8 hole soprano recorders, 24 cleaning rods, and 24 blue storage pouches for easy portability. The rod is long and slender enough that you can easily reach inside the flute for regular cleaning.
  • CLEAR AND PLEASING SOUND - With a detachable 3-piece structure and 8-hole design, the upper hole on the soprano descant recorder has a louder sound, while the lower hole has a softer tone. You can press and hold different holes to produce different levels of sound.