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MSG Mini Effects Pedals

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Low in-store inventory, may be subject to change.

Our very own Market Street Guitars Pedal line fits both your pedalboard and your budget.
Modeled after some of the most common and sought after effects, our pedals offer replica tones at a fraction of the cost!
All pedals are true bypass and take a regular 9v center negative power supply.

Modeled after the bigger size green box, this screamer is a transparent overdrive that can be used for a little breakup boost, or a full-on tube overdrive that cuts through the mix. Ours features the same Drive, Tone, and Volume knobs.

A replica of the Suhr Riot, this versatile distortion packs a tight punch and has a large tone sweep to contour the sound to your flavor. The volume has tons of headroom.

Vintage Phaser:
This is a replica of the classic one-knob script pedal found on countless recordings. Ours also features a small boost in volume to compensate for the effect when in use to help you maintain your spot in the mix.

Analog Chorus:
A replica of one of the most famous pedals that started it all, with the same rate and depth knobs to adjust to your style.

Analog Delay:
This digital "analog" delay is a carbon copy of one of the most famous delay pedals. With warm delay sounds and fun-to-tweak knobs, this pedal will have you bent over your board creating awesome sounds. Features Time, Volume, and Regeneration knobs.

These pedals make a great entryway into the world of effects and are a great value. Try one today, or save a *TON* and get a set of all five at a serious discount!