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EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master Delay & Reverb

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The Dispatch Master is a serious 1-2 punch for players who need to save space on their board without skimping on quality. The delay and reverb combination is nothing new, but EarthQuaker Devices stepped the game up by stuffing giant ambient soundscapes into a fun-sized platform with simple controls. No matter where you stand on the analog vs. digital debate about delay, there is something comforting about the shimmering carbon copy repeats. They degrade gently with all the glorious harmonic content you started with and combined with the reverb, it's an ambient dream.

The best part of this pedal to us is the no-nonsense functionality. The Mix knob sets your wet/dry blend for applying how much reverb, delay or combination you want and from there it's a cake walk. The reverb sweep goes from a whisper in the background to an ethereal swell that hangs all around you. Thanks to the perks of digital design, the delay function offers a whopping 1.5 seconds of time and when you set the Repeats to the max, it's an infinite loop without self-oscillation or feedback. This is a really fun feature for experimenting with droning and endless ambient loops. Don't need delay getting in the way for a certain song? Simply turn the Time knob all the way down and the Repeat knob becomes a dynamic depth control for the Reverb. Same deal if you want to kill the reverb, simply roll it all the way off. No tiny switches and no fuss, just turning knobs and dreamy tones.