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Meet Ben Borkowski

Ben has been playing guitar for over 30 years. He began writing music as early as middle school, winning 1st place in a national songwriting competition with his rock trio band during high school.

Ben is also a hand drum enthusiast, leading the University at Buffalo's drum circle, Namaste, while attending the college. These world rhythms come through in Ben's unique rhythmic style of playing. This "melodic drumming" strumming technique puts the focus of the song on rhythm. Once called a "hippie crooner," Ben sings soulful, upbeat music to keep his audience's feet tapping, and regularly performs around the area.

Ben's current project, "Pebble" is an all-original jam-rock band that weaves singer-songwriter stories through funky grooves, four-part harmonies, and deep space psychedelia, with plenty of improvisation to gel them together.

Ben's latest solo album, "It's The Little Things" is available wherever you stream your music.